Somewhere in South Norrland, Sweden, artist LadyMoe have created her own world of color, where injustice is rightfully observed and fighted. Ladymoes protagonists are heaadstrong, sympathic and excentric, just like the creator herelf. She mixes color with glitter in a creative and playful grafittibased tecnique thats has made her an original in her field, and makes her paintings lovely artpieces suitable for both the childrenschamber and the fancy high end penthouse.

LadyMoes artwork is not easily forgotten and leaves you with a sense of happiness. The art is as adventurous as life itself and makes you feel ” whatever people might tell you; you are loved, the world is a beautiful place and life an exciting adventure”.

LadyMoe started her creative course a few years back in Barcelona, by making grafitti and have since then had several higly appreciated gallery shows. So welcome into a world of possibilities, colours, love, dancing animals and romantic ladies. Get inspired to see beyond the visible. Welcome to the world of LadyMoe.