the juggler in paris

my favourite colours right now..its blue…blue…and some soft pink…

so here she is…my new friend, the juggler i paris. Her hat is magic..insade the hat is a white fluffy rabbit…but you need to look very close to see it.

thanx , love ladymoe


the furry lady..somewhere in milky way

this furry lady is nice, i like her. Ilike her licorice coat…in the winterland….somewhere in a street in Milky way.

My inspiration flow is fantastic right now. The little Ladymoe seed is growing inside me..yeah! is a mix of Artic foxes, dj,s, funnel gramophones with some circus feelings. Its fun to draw, paint, listen to music and fantasize.

So lets fanizise more! Next day at work, pretend that you are a furry lady in a street in Milky way…love Ladymoe


Art and the sea

the sea is a good place to be at, to get inspirered, get calm and take long walks at..

thailand is a beutiful place..I collect mermories now..memories and inspiration to make art again..this time i will draw alots of seahorses, sea flowers and leafs. Maby some arctic foxes going to dance in Bangkok.

You´ll never know because when i´m start to get in a creative mood, everyting is possible.

see you soon, Love Ladymoe.